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Request for Consultation

Please fill out our request for consultation form here. We will contact you to set up a meeting to review your project in further detail. 

Initial Consultation

During our first meeting, we will discuss everything that you are considering for your remodel including design, if you need a designer, budget, layout, timeline, and more. We want to ensure that we are the right fit for each other based on your needs and our service offerings. We will be incredibly honest with you about your budget and what to expect during each phase.

Project Estimate: Budgetary Range

Now that we have a better idea of the project scope, we'll provide you with a ballpark estimate to review. If you engaged our designer in her services, we will bring her in for advisement on the budget proposal. This is a quick way to determine if what you'd like to invest matches with the projected remodeling costs. If you are in agreement with the estimate range, we will mutually sign that agreement. If you decide to move forward with our designer, we will pass you off back to her to finalize the design before we are involved again. But if you decide to work with an outside designer or select all the materials yourself, we will then have you sign the PCA agreement.  A final total will not be provided until the next phase is complete.

Design Services or Pre-Construction Agreement

Design services or the Pre-Construction agreement will be the next phase of the processes. This is the part of the process where we will finalize the design, budget, materials, schedule, engineering, permitting, and more. There are service fees associated with this agreement. A credit card authorization form will be provided for the purchase of materials and services as outlined. You will work closely with Axel or our designer on all items that need to be covered and completed before construction begins. This phase is essential to ensure that budgets and timelines are met as discussed.

  • Design Meetings 

  • Plans & Engineering 

  • Material & Fixture Selection

  • Budget Revisions

  • Production Schedule 

Construction Prep Phase

Now that the Design Services or PCA phase is almost complete, we will be able to provide a final construction agreement. We will review the contract in detail for final sign-off. We will move the design in to plan review for permitting. By this time, you have signed off on all material selections either with Axel or our designer, we will order everything needed for the project. 


During the construction phase we will handle all the details of your remodel; construction, ordering materials, scheduling, oversight, and coordination. We will diligently keep you up to date on construction progress. No matter how carefully we plan your project together you will probably want to make some changes along the way. Depending on the type of project, there may be some unforeseen changes that evolve. We are prepared to accommodate any changes you want to make. Our agreement will explain how costs associated with your changes will be handled. Homeowner written approval must be provided before we proceed.

Final Checklist & Walkthrough

During this final phase, we do a thorough walkthrough to ensure that craftsmanship level have been maintained. There may be some minor details that need attention. We’ll work on this list together, complete agreed upon items & plan for completion. We will do a final cleaning of all area where work was completed. We will also go over operational questions regarding appliances, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, gas lines, etc. At this point we consider the project complete and ready for use as intended. Final Payment is due at this time.