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Oregon has experienced the most mega wildfires in our state's history and currently has the world's worst air quality rating by a long shot. Producing hazardous air conditions that are causing businesses to close and keeping people indoors. Over 1 million acres of land in Oregon have been scorched by these fires, leaving many families without homes and their most loved belongings. In a world where we have already been cooped up for months due to a deadly virus, to say these circumstances aren't disheartening, depressing, downright maddening, would not be an accurate representation of what the Great Northwest is feeling at this moment. However, we are grateful to hear that the Chehalem Mountain Fire has officially been contained, which was announced earlier this week. We will take the good news as it comes, but there is still so much more to do!

We know that the entire West Coast is suffering from the impacts of climate change. However, being a small business, we knew we would make the most impact if we started with our immediate communities. In the hopes of alleviating some of the suffering imposed on by our neighbors, we launched a campaign called REBUILD OREGON. With the purchase of the REBUILD OREGON tee, 100% of proceeds will go to the purchase of supplies for those in need.

To purchase, click the link or image below.

Will you be the next person to support your local community?!

Pre-Order ends Sunday, September 27th, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST.

REBUILD OREGON T-shirt: 100% of proceeds support relief efforts

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