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Gallery Inspired Dispensary

We are excited to share with you a deep dive into one of the projects we are most proud of! We were engaged in helping these dispensary owners turn a half-way completed convenience store into a premium dispensary storefront. There is a laundry list of items that we handled on this project, but we wanted to share some of the main highlights from our first commercial project. The client's briefed us in with the objectives that they needed to be open ASAP, the budget was a huge consideration, and that there would be a Phase 2 build-out. Which meant, we were strategically designing the space with the intent of allocating more funds to the build-out elements that would be permanent, but sourcing budget-friendly items like lighting fixtures, doors, etc. Essentially, areas that we knew we could change at a later date that wouldn't require a complete demo/ replacement. Also, considering value-engineered designs and materials that we could source and build quickly. When we started designing, we developed the floor plan with three main objectives in mind: large amounts of product storage, consumer flow, and product-focused. We wanted the space to feel super clean like a gallery, but warm and approachable. Leading with the design perspective of creating a space that guided your eye directly to the product, we highlighted product areas with cedar. Installing cedar tongue and groove to frame out the product shelves, highlighting products with track lighting fixtures, and mounting glass shelves with black powder-coated metal brackets. Keeping with cedar material, we framed out the countertops throughout the space to bring in a bit of natural aesthetic and warmth. We worked with a local fabricator to make the black powder-coated custom interior and exterior signs. These were intended to be temporary fixtures until Phase 2, when there were funds to produce commercial-grade signage. Again, producing something that looks and feels premium but on a budget for a short term solve. What really gave this place a facelift was the exterior paint job. The client's really loved the slate gray that we sourced, as it really changes the entire look of the building. Let's just say the neighbors were thrilled when this part of the project was finished! Not only did we handle the construction of this project, but we also sourced the product fridge, operational fixtures, compliance signage, custom signs, and more. We went into full producer mode on this project and truly helped these owners get this storefront open. We were put through the wringer by the permitting office being misled on many accounts, and our to-do list kept changing/ growing every time we met with them. Especially with dispensaries, there are many different entities and rules that you have to comply with. Therefore, we had to make sure all the boxes were checked before our clients would be allowed to open. Kara's brother's company came in and installed all the concrete work needed to meet many of these compliances (@whitneyenterprises). Luckily, we were given an inspector that was a previous contractor, so he was instrumental in getting this project to the finish line. All that said, we are very proud of the work we put in, and the clients were thrilled with the final results. I hope you enjoy and let us know what you think!

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