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Douglas St. Addition

This week we are highlighting one of our first major projects, The Douglas St. Addition. We are genuinely proud of this project because we delivered on our full set of capabilities, starting with design services. We were tasked to blend a farmhouse style with a modern mid-century taste. We provided the client with a couple of design variations/ floorplans based on the inspiration photos and conversations about their dream home would look like. We also strategically developed this design so they could add smaller design details at a later date if budgetary decisions came into play. 

Project Highlights: 

The clients wanted to cut costs on the cabinetry, as they wanted functionality to take precedence. Cabinetry paneling can add up quickly, so we had proposed installing an alternative material to the sides of the island. We had sourced some inspiration photos of islands with tile, shiplap, or a pop of paint color. Shiplap was already proposed on the wall in the initial design, so they decided to move forward with that. Again, tying in more materials that fit the farmhouse aesthetic. 

One of our client's father lived on an orchard farm, and he had expressed he wanted to incorporate some of the timber from his father's property into the design. They always loved the idea of floating shelves, so we thought that would be an easy solution for that material. Not to mention, it would be a focal point in the kitchen where you could always be reminded of that sentimental touch. 

We sourced and hired our friend and designer, David Abouaf, for this project. He produced these amazing presentations that included inspiration images and a design write-ups that set the stage for each plan. Then followed it with the beautiful sketches and floorplans that you really painted a picture for the client of what the end product would look like. Let's say with his talent, we just let the work speak for itself! 

We hope you enjoy it! Let us know what you think! 

Photographer: Jesse Hassler

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