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Bachelor Pad Kitchen Remodel

In this kitchen remodel, it was a collaborative effort with the entire family. This was one of our longtime friend’s first homes, so we really wanted to exceed their expectations. They had a clear vision from the start of what kind of colors they wanted to incorporate in the kitchen. They wanted the modern gray lower shaker cabinets and the creamy white upper cabinets.

Being his first home, the budget was a high priority so when they engaged us, they had already received a cabinetry quote from IKEA. We had yet to be approached about installing IKEA cabinets, so it was a great exercise to research how the buying process worked, material specifications, and how the installation process worked. Let’s cut to the chase; they did not end up purchasing IKEA cabinets, but rather semi-custom cabinets. Why, you ask? We discovered that the cabinets came in just as many pieces as any of the other furniture. Therefore, the cost of materials was extremely low, but the labor and time involved were high. Not to mention, they do not come with a warranty because they are installed by a third-party entity, so the warranty ends as soon as they start to install. There is a reason it is tough to find a contractor that will install these suckers; it’s incredibly tedious and one big puzzle. Most of our clients decide to purchase the semi-custom cabinetry because the install cost is minimal and typically only takes a day or two. We suspect the IKEA cabinets would have taken us at least a week, maybe two weeks to install, considering how many parts and pieces there are with each component.

The other downside is that cabinets are made out of particle board, so if they are exposed to any moisture, the cabinets will expand/ bubble, and the whole section need to be replaced. That made us all incredibly nervous, considering they already had so many repairs done to the existing plumbing that was located above the kitchen. After a thorough investigation, the client decided to move forward with semi-custom cabinets because the quality is tough to beat. When you are spending so much money on a kitchen, it’s worth paying for quality products that are constructed and engineered to last the test of time and includes a warranty.

Let us know if you have any questions! Enjoy!

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