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A designer incorporates your life into your new home. Our expert designer will carefully manage your project to look and function as desired. This is achieved by streamlining communication between you, Axel, subcontractors, installers and product showrooms.


Our designer works with you from the beginning of the project to help make your dream home become a reality. When you work with our designer, you create a roadmap for the construction process to run as smoothly as possible. This saves you time and money!

For example, if you're renovating a bathroom and all the plumbing and tile is finished, the next thing you need is the vanity with a stone top that you love. When you pick out the vanity you realize it's a 14 week lead time and an additional 2 weeks to template and fabricate your stone top. Now you have to wait 4 months for the vanity and your bathroom is left unfinished. Your designer knows how long it takes for items to arrive and plans for it to arrive when the installer is ready for it!


Your home project would not be complete without the right paint color, tile, plumbing fixtures or chandeliers. Here are the areas our designer will assist you with:

Floor Plans & Drawings: 

Plans help clients see what the space will look like, gives contractors a clear direction of how something is supposed to be installed, and provides documentation to quote material.

Architectural Interior Selections: 

Items such as flooring, tile, custom cabinets, plumbing, lighting and other selections will be presented, reviewed and finalized for construction. 

Specifications and budgeting: 

All selections chosen will be presented in a budget breakdown for you to review the cost of every material.


Purchasing Management:

Our designer will provide the final list of all materials and fixtures that need to be purchased for the project to Axel. Once the construction contract is signed and the deposit received, all materials will be ordered at that time by Cederberg Construction.


Project costs vary based on the size of the project and quality of materials and finishes. The cost of our design service is a combination of a flat fee and an hourly rate. For more information about pricing, please contact us.


*Images of the projects on this page show Natasha’s work and contribution while working for Gage-Martin Interiors*

Kitchen Renovations

 A large kitchen with a long single island made it very difficult to move and orient yourself in the space. In order to make this room work better for this family, we improved the walkways and created focal points for your eye to land on. We removed unnecessary angles and upper cabinets to make it feel larger.

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Natasha was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She has years of experience managing job sites in New York City, Florida, and Oregon. Her projects have ranged from 1,000 sq foot Manhattan apartments to 15,000 sq. foot Tampa estates. She has worked with celebrities, professional athletes, and corporate executives. The range of job sizes might differ, but the quality of work and level of service is exceptional. Her attention to detail and care for every project puts any concern at ease.

To start your free design consultation,

email Natasha at

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Home Decor

A small condo got a chic facelift with the use of custom millwork and a fresh coat of paint. The floor to ceiling draperies and designer light fixtures add a touch of luxury.

Bathroom Renovations

 An outdated main bathroom had an abundant amount of wasted space and all the potential for a dream closet. We removed arches and created a custom crown molding detail to enhance the size of the space. When you enter the room, you walk through a fully custom cabinet to display the finest items of our client’s closet.

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