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We work better together. Axel, who started his career framing houses with the best in the business. Kara, lead creative execution for global brands on custom builds and experiences. We realized that we wanted to create something that spoke to our morals and our passions. 

We couldn't stand the lack of client services, craftsmanship, and quality of work that our competition was offering. We understood that homeowners were being taken advantage of. We knew we could offer better! 


Axel's Story

After college Axel knew he wanted to get into real estate so he started from the bottom packing lumber for one of the best framers/ carpenters in Oregon. Cascade homes taught him everything he knows in this field. Professionalism, integrity, attention to detail, and craftsmanship are just some of the traits instilled in his work ethic. With Cascade homes, they built over 50+ homes in the Portland-Vancouver area. After 2+ years, he decided to become a licensed framing contractor to help expand on his business experience. He stayed with Cascade homes for another year before completely going on his own with Cederberg Construction. Cederberg Construction continued to grow until an unfortunate accident happened and surgery took him out for at least a year.

Axel knew that a surgery wasn’t going to stop him from continuing to expand his knowledge of the field and saw this as an opportunity to learn the business from a different perspective. He stumbled upon an opportunity where we could learn the big business side of things and take on a managerial role. Taking a role as head of home services at Prograss Inc. He was able to observe how a successful larger company ran and gained important business and life skills.

During his time a Prograss, Kara and Axel reconnected after she moved home from Denver and they knew with their combined skill sets that they could create something special on their own. Once his knee was healed, they immediately resurrected the Cederberg Construction name. They are more than excited and determined to be the best in the business especially when it comes to their core values; integrity, customer service, and craftsmanship.


Kara's Story

Kara was born with the entrepreneurial spirit. Watching her father and brother run successful concrete businesses, it was in her blood to run her own business in this field. However, she knew she needed to gain the experience and knowledge first before she set out on her own. She also knew that she couldn’t do this alone so she patiently waited for the right person, moment, and opportunity.  

Before Axel and Kara reconnected, she spent 5+ years in the marketing industry. Producing large scale events and custom builds for brand’s like Pepsi, Budweiser, Nike, Facebook, and adidas. Learning from the best in the business, she gained strengths in project management, strategy, problem solving, operations, and a host of other things. As a lead producer she was able to guide the creative concepts into budget friendly, functional, and most importantly beautiful builds and designs. With her innate love for high stakes, complicated logistics, a constant challenge, and the never ending fire drills made her a successful producer in the industry.  As her final role as a producer at a custom fabrication shop, she absorbed an incredible amount of knowledge of materials, construction, time management, resourcefulness, and the ability to manage a team of designers, builders, engineers, installers, clients, and vendors.

In 2017, Axel and Kara rekindled their 6th grade love affair, it was finally time to leave her to leave the industry and start her lifelong dream with her favorite person!



Portland, OR

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