About Us

We work better together. Axel, who started his career framing houses with the best in the business. Kara, lead creative execution for global brands on custom builds and experiences. We realized that we wanted to create something that spoke to our morals and our passions. 

We couldn't stand the lack of client services, craftsmanship, and quality of work that our competition was offering. We understood that homeowners were being taken advantage of. We knew we could offer better! 


General Contractor

Axel started his career with Cascade homes, packing lumber and eventually becoming a licensed framer. They built over 50+ homes in the Portland-Vancouver area. He stayed with Cascade homes before going on his own with Cederberg Construction. Cederberg Construction continued to grow until Axel was forced to have a knee replacement.

While Axel was recovering, he realized this was an opportunity to expose himself to a different side of the business. He wanted to learn the managerial and project management side of the construction industry. He took a role as Head of Home Services at Prograss Inc. Managing both commercial and residential projects for apartment complexes, homeowners, and businesses alike. He gained crucial industry knowledge of how a successful mid-sized company operated and managed their teams and clients. 

Cederberg Construction was reborn in 2018 when Kara and Axel relaunched the business. Since their reopening, they have executed beautiful additions, kitchen & bathroom remodels, fences, decks, design services, and more.


Operations & Marketing Manager

Kara is a multi-disciplinary marketer that was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. Producing large scale marketing activations and retails builds for global brands like NIKE and Pepsi. Learning from the best in the business, she gained strengths in project management, build production, strategy, operations, and a host of other things. As a producer at a custom fabrication shop, she absorbed an incredible amount of knowledge of materials, construction, engineering, and resourcefulness. Also, the ability to manage teams of designers, builders, engineers, installers, clients, and vendors.

Kara’s strong entrepreneurial spirit comes from her family background in the construction industry. Kara’s brother runs a successful concrete business, Whitney Enterprises. He followed in their late father’s footsteps, as he ran a large successful concrete business in the 90s-2000s working with clients like Schnitzer Steel. She wanted to keep with the family tradition and take a leap further into the construction world with Axel. Hence, the relaunch of Cederberg Construction.